Fake Rove Carts and Real Rove Carts

How do you differentiate between genuine and fake Rove Carts?

Although genuine Rove Carts are not rare, there are more fake Rove Carts than genuine ones If you know where to look, you can easily access the genuine and safe Rove carts you’re looking for, but questionable stores may have fake Rove carts that look genuine on their shelves, so you need to be able to distinguish one from the other. Here are some ways you can employ it.

 Purchase status

 The first indicator of the authenticity of Rove carts is the state you buy them from. You won’t find genuine Rove carts outside of California and Nevada. These are the two states where they are legally authorized to sell their products.

real rove cart
fake rove carts
Real Rove Cart
Fake Rove Cart

What do you buy online?

Well, you can buy Rove carts online from anywhere but the best place is best to avoid fakes. If you live in Angeles and you find a store that has Rove Cart on the shelves, chances are the products are fake.

Lab Data Sticker

The original Rove carts were easily identified by a sticker that contained lab results for the cart’s cannabis oil content. The THC and CBD content on the sticker is usually the total cannabinoid content and net weight of the product on the packaging or cart itself.

However, counterfeit Rove carts now have them, but you can sometimes tell the difference between a real and a fake when you see that some of them have lab information printed right on the packaging.

QR code

One of the more reliable ways to verify the authenticity of the Rove carts you are about to buy is to use QR codes. The code contains information that confirms that the product before you is genuine. All you need to do is scan the QR code and you will receive a confirmation on your mobile device that the product is genuine.

Rove Carts website list of authorized dealers

The Rove Carts website is available for you to use at any time. Before you set out to buy a Rove vehicle, visit the website and use the store locator menu. This will help you find a store near you in California or Nevada, where you can get authentic Rove carts. This way you get a recommendation from real producers

However, make sure you check the packaging for authenticity or any other mark.

rove carts QR code

Why should you avoid fake cars?

Vaping is considered healthier than traditional smoking of marijuana and tobacco; However, the abundance of fake vapes and cars in the public has endangered the lives of many Americans, causing irreversible lung damage and in many cases death. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as of February 2020, more than 2,500 cases of lung injury and vapor-related deaths have been reported in all SO states of LISA.

This lung damage is caused by using vitamin E acetate to add to THC-containing carts. This chemical is harmful to the lungs and is usually not available in lab-tested and certified vehicles from genuine sources. Most illegal car manufacturers are responsible for this serious adulteration.

To protect yourself from this serious lung damage, you should stay away from vaping. However, if you must vape, make sure you buy an authentic cart like Rove Carts.

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