High Flyers Carts

Cookies high flyers premium carts which are of 500mg are now available with very good and new flavors. Cookies in collaboration with many upcoming cannabis brands in California has one of the best vape carts . You might also want to try out our amazing cookies high flyer carts flavors. With the 

Are Cookies Carts Real?

Yes cookies carts are 100% real and legit and they are the best brand in terms of cannabis vape carts . The have the best THC potency and are licensed and lab tasted. The cookies high flyer vape carts where originally brought about by the famous Berner who is a rapper and entrepreneur. Unlike other vape cart brand which are unlicensed. With the new variety of legalization of vape pens in many US states Cookies merged with Gpen . Gpen is a licensed cannabis vape company in California and with the partnership with cookies produced the cookies high flyer vape carts.

Real cookies high flyer vape carts only come in half grams which is 500mg or 500ml as such if you see 1000mg cookies cart know its fake. Also real cookies cart come with a genuine cc cell battery. This is CCELL lithium-ion batteries is used to heat the vaporizer’s coil so fresh and  steamy that vapes clouds roll directly into your lungs.

High Flyer Carts Review

High flyers cookies vape carts are an average THC vape carts with multiple strains available. Unless cookies carts are made by High Flyers then they are not real.


  • Luigi Heishman
    Posted August 13, 2022 3:34 am

    Great service, great products, great location, great dispensary

  • Ernesto Fauber
    Posted August 13, 2022 1:53 pm

    best carts I have had. I will definitely recommend trying this

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