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Cookies Cartridges. If you want to buy the cookies high flyers carts online then you reach the right site. Buy a legal weed vape cartridge from us because all cannabis products like carts and vape pens are lab tested.

On the off chance that that isn’t awful enough, you can even purchase void cartridges. Since you have genuine looking bundling and void cartridges, you can put whatever you like in them.

You will regularly observe pictures of fake brands on Instagram and other online media destinations. A large number of these photographs look proficient, however by and by, it is all style and zero substance. There are pictures portraying the cartridges loaded up with what seems, by all accounts, to be cannabis oil.

Meanwhile, the description provides you all information about the Cookies cartridges and vape pods. Cookies have both G Pen Gio pod and standard cartridges, a combination with Berner made with Grenco Science. The cartridge oil is made by “Flyers” in combination with Berner and uses real C.CELL hardware.

The difference between the real and fake Cookies cartridges

So, It is time to learn how do these compare to the fake Cookies cartridges? Let’s take a look. Because you learn about this.

If you look at these packagings, the packaging of the reality looks different than the packaging of the fake ones. when is saw the packing of this then a observe that the original one comes in a box, without the cartridge showing. If you noticed from the previous photos have an open side where you can see the cartridge inside the box.

Exclusive Cookies THC Fam Genetics

Although, you do not know about the cookies THC Fam Genetics we provide the THC of a few Strains like Londen poundcake, sunset sherbet, snowman, lemon, and gelato. if you want to know about more strain then you can visit the more products of our site.

You can use this for the following strains:

  • London PoundCake THC 82%,
  • Sunset Sherbert THC 82.7%,
  • SnowMan THC 86.4%,
  • LemonChello THC 81.8%,
  • Gelato THC 82%, Cookies THC 83.7.

Real cookies Carts Feature:

  • Capacity: 500ml, half gram
  • Coil: Ceramic coil
  • Oil holes: 4*2.0mm
  • Resistance: 1.2-1.4 ohm
  • Drip Tip:  White Ceramic Tip
  • Material: Ceramic & Glass & Metal
  • Pen: pen gio USB charger
  • Package: Foam Pack without oil, top and bottom pack separately, easy to fill in

Cookies Cartridges Packaging box Feature:

With flavors stickers and flavors delivery randomly!

  • Package: Unfolded, to protect the boxes during delivery.
  • Flavor stickers: Unstuck, Self-sticking!!!!!

Cookies Flyers carts included:

  • Cookies white tip carts (Foam Pack)
  • EV Foam (Pack separately)
  • Paper Box (Unfolded)
  • Random Flavor sticker (Pack separately, Self-sticking!!!!!)
  • Not black marketeer


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    Posted May 28, 2022 3:21 pm

    This is the best vape I have had in Germany. I will keep buying from these guys because they are reliable

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    Posted August 16, 2022 6:28 pm

    this was a good product and its 100% authentic . I will always buy from you guys

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